Analytics, knowledge is power.

Knowing exactly how your customers find you is critical to the success of your online presence. Keywords and keyword groups, amongst other things, will determine where you land on search engine results, however it is important to note exactly how potential customers are entering information and searching for relevant goods and services and ensuring your site ranks well for key search terms. Fortunately there are analytical tools to track impressions and clicks on your site, you just need to know how to insert the code into your site and familiarise yourself with their functions.
Hungry Artist has extensive experience in tracking and identifying how your customers interact with your site and can help you take control of your online presence. Also these analytical tools can also be applied to PPC (pay per click) so you can track the success of any campaign you choose to run.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of optimising your website for search engines to rate your website for relevance. For example, you sell widgets, unfortunately for you so do other businesses, so how do you get as far up on a search engines results as you can? First, there are no guarantees, but there are things to give yourself the best chance of rating well with search engines and in turn your potential customers. Contact Hungry Artist today for a chat about how we can improve your online presence.

Organic Search

Organic search refers to, for want of a better word, a free search. If the front end of your website is coded properly, your potential customer should be able to type a few relevant keywords in a search engine, and voila, there you are. It is the first base that has to be covered before you turn to paid promotion, which by all means is acceptable depending how competitive your type of business is and is a useful way to hit the ground running, but if you can rate well for free, well. Optimising your site for organic searches is trial and error initially, but you would be surprised how little things make a huge difference.



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